Nestled in the beautiful Cuchumatanes Mountains and close to the Río Azul lies the peaceful community of El Porvenir Cooperative.

Under the leadership of Marco Mateo Perez, the cooperative began growing honey and coffee, the latter now being the cooperative's main source of income.

La Nueva Unión cooperative is located in the green hills of Santa Cruz Barillas.

The cooperative was founded in 1985 with the aim of improving the socioeconomic conditions of its members. The idea was to develop new agricultural industries, such as coffee cultivation.


Both cooperatives passionately produce excellent green coffees, which we have been sourcing for many years. As part of our long relationship, we have supported the cooperatives with the following projects.

Project 1

Constructed two classrooms for El Provernir's local school.

Hacofco co-financed the construction of two classrooms at the El Porvenir cooperative. The classrooms will be used as computer labs where students can develop their IT skills.


Project 2

Creation and maintenance of two model production plots for the El Porvenir cooperative.

Producers and students can use the sample plots to learn how coffee production is evolving, how to increase productivity, and how to cultivate healthy coffee plants.


Project 3

Construction of 16 biogas plants for the cooperative La Nueva Unión

Biogas plants are perfect examples of successful waste recycling, where the recylced waste can be reused. The wastewater from the wet processing plant and the coffee pulp are mixed with manure (e.g. from cows or chickens) and put into the biogas plant. This results in a biogas suitable for cooking stoves, and liquid biofertilizer which can be applied to coffee trees or vegetable gardens.